Sue Merritt

Artist Sue Merritt has played with art in many of its forms and is a lover of art in all of its forms!

In the 1980s she had the good fortune to meet a glass artist and begin working with stained glass.

Life stopped the glass art for a time but not the creativity. She continued to sketch and paint, knit and quilt to satisfy the creative urge.

She then had the joy of meeting another glass artist and was again moved to begin working with glass.

She has continued to create and challenge her skills and the glass itself creating a breadth of work from large barn windows to one of her favorites “little art”. Her most joyful works are custom pieces made after talking with someone about a few favorite colors, what interests they have and the shape or use they want. She then designs a piece to capture what is unique to them for their space.

Through the years her art has created an outlet and balance for her work in health care which has been a true blessing the past few years.

Recently she was honored to create sun catchers for a nonprofit to support the care of pets and animals abandoned or lost during the war in the Ukraine.

This summer she will have work in a gallery exhibit on the east coast and will be entering work in the Clark County Fair.

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