March 1st-March 30th

“Feathered Friends”
A Group Exhibit with paintings and sculptures of and with birds.


“Silent Solitude” by Bev Jozwiak
“Old Souls” by Deb McCarroll
“Seagull” by Terri Axnessn
“Moody Blues” by Bev Jozwiak
“The Caddy” by Terri Axness
“Flicker” by Nancy Coffelt

February 2nd- February 24th

Abstract Exhibit
Jennifer Joyce, Sidonie Caron, Earl Hamilton, Tommer Gonser

“Geometria” by Jennifer Joyce
“Variation A” by Sidonie Caron
“Color Pulse” by Earl Hamilton
“Generations” by Tommer Gonser

January Exhibit

Anna Norris
Solo Exhibit January 5th-January 27th

“Lacamas Sunset”
“August 5th, 6:14 am”
“Destination Breakfast”

December Exhibit

December 1st-December 30th


New work by Sheary Clough Suiter, Nard Claar, Terri Axness, Anna Wiancko-Chasman, and Ann Fleming
“My Wisdom” by Sheary Clough Suiter
“Day” by Nard Claar
“Coming Out” by Terri Axness
“Ancient Wonders” by Anna Wiancko Chasman
“Twilight” by Ann Fleming

November Exhibit

November 3rd-25th

Jean Schwalbe
Memorial Retrospective Exhibit


“Fall Trees”
“Mount Rainier”
“Edge of the Willamette”
“A Patch of Red”


October Exhibit

Earl Hamilton
Solo Exhibit
October 6th-October 28th
Sixteen new abstract paintings.

“Time Suspension II”
“Morning Song”
“Color Pulse”


September Exhibit

“Out West in the Northwest” A Contemporary Western Exhibit

September 1st- September 30th

Showcasing work by gallery artists depicting the West.

“Wednesday Wash” by Sandra Jones Campbell
“Effie’s Farm with Old Red” by Sandra Jones Campbell
“In Other Words” by Janey Belozer
“In My Opinion” by Janey Belozer
“Overnight Camp” by Mike Smith
“Toby’s Stream” by Mike Smith


August 4th-August 26th

Landscape Exhibit

Featuring new landscape paintings by gallery artists

“Sand Dunes II” acrylic on board by Sidonie Caron
“Coral Pink Sand Dunes” acrylic on board by Sidonie Caron
“East of Here” oil on board by Cathleen Rehfeld
“Gorge Overlook” oil on board by Cathleen Rehfeld
“July 24th 8:34 am” acrylic on canvas by Anna Norris


July 7th-July 29th

Resale Exhibit

Featuring artwork from estates and private collectors

“Paddle Your Own Canoe” by Sandra Jones Campbell
“Weaving by Monica Setziol-Phillips
“Stormy Mountain” by George Hamilton
“Fish Aren’t Biting” by Sandra Jones Campbell
“Painted Horse” by Anna Wiancko-Chasman
“High Fashion” by George Hamilton


June Exhibit

Abstract Exhibit featuring 30 abstract paintings from over ten gallery artists

June 2nd-July 1st

Paintings shown:
“Early Sunrise” by Earl Hamilton

“Thought Process” by Jenny Joyce
“My Brother’s Horse” by Tommer Gonser
“Dozen” by Sidonie Caron
“Holi Daze” by Marlene Alexander


May Exhibit

New Paintings by
Barbara Benedetti Newton, James Dunbar, Bev Jozwiak, and Cedar Lee
May 5th-27th


Paintings shown:
“Verve” oil by Barbara Benedetti-Newton
“Shadows Come From the Light” oil by Bev Jozwiak
“Blue Flax Flowers” oil by James Dunbar
“Coastal Redwoods” acrylic by Cedar Lee

April Exhibit:
“50th Anniversary “

Celebrating 50 years in business with a gallery curated exhibit and new work from Michael Ferguson, Janey Belozer, Anna Norris, Marcia Jeglum, Tommer Gonser, David Allen Dunlop, Nancy Coffelt, Tamara Adams, Anna Norris, Mike Smith, and Sidonie Caron.


Paintings shown:
“Rocky Stream” acrylic by Michael Ferguson
“By the Falls” acrylic by Earl Hamilton
“Calypso’s Cherished Moment” oil by Janey Belozer
“Cosmic Pond” oil by David Allen Dunlop
“Rain Walker” oil by David Allen Dunlop

“March 3rd – April 1st “


Jean Schwalbe
Solo Exhibit
Celebrating Jean’s 90th Birthday with a Retrospective Show of her work spanning from earl works to present day.


Paintings shown:
“Columbia River at Mosier”
“The Vibrant Abstract”
“On the Crooked River”
“High Country II”

“February 3rd- February 25th”


Deb McCarroll Anna Wiancko-Chasman
mixed media paintings mixed media ceramic sculpture


Paintings shown:
“Gems of Light” by Deb McCarroll
“Time Bandit” by Deb McCarroll
“Shimmer and Flash” by Deb McCarroll
“Ancient Wonders” by Anna Wiancko Chasman
“Hors d’oeuvres” by Anna Wiancko Chasman
“Kindness” by Anna Wiancko Chasman

“December/January show “


We are having a rotating “Holiday Group Exhibit”
Featuring varied gallery artists through Jan. 31st


“November Exhibit “


Small Works Big Impressions

Featuring work from over 17 gallery artists
12″ x 12″ and under
November 4th- November 26th


“October Exhibit “


Earl Hamilton Solo Exhibit

October 7th-October 29th


“September Exhibit “

Jean Schwalbe
Solo Exhibit
Sept 2nd- Oct.1st

“August Exhibit “

August 5th-August 27th

Sandra Jones Campbell
“Sea La Vie”
A Solo Show


“Beach Wear”
“Mattisse on the Beach”
“Floyd with Shorebirds”
“Eve Finds a Frock Befitting the Occasion”

Interview with artist David Allen Dunlop

> View page

“July Exhibit “

July 1st-July 30th

Paintings shown:

Anna Norris, Melissa Cole, and Marcia Jeglum
New paintings by Anna Norris and Melissa Cole.
New Tyvek paper cuts by Marcia Jeglum

“June Exhibit ”

David Allen Dunlop
Solo Exhibit
June 3rd – June 25th
Reception for the artist Thursday June 16th, 5-8pm

Paintings shown:

“Sunlight” 36″ x 36″ oil on brushed silver DiBond
“Coast Roses” 16″ x 16″ oil on aluminum
“Times Square Interlude” 18″ x 18″ oil on aluminum
“Distant Lavender” 24″ x 24″ oil on brushed silver DiBond

“Solo Exhibit ”

Michael Ferguson
May 6th-May 28th, 2022

Paintings shown:

“School Bloom
“Syko Hill
“Island Rim
“Summit Lakes

“Go Figure!”

A wide variety of figurative work by galley artists
April 1st-April 30th

Paintings shown:

“Springtime” oil painting by Ju Hong Chen
“Horse in Red Coat” acrylic painting by Arne Westerman
“Seated Woman” mixed media painting by George Hamilton
“Nicki Pink in Bart’s Bar” acrylic painting by Sandra Jones Campbell

Group Abstract Exhibit

March 4th- March 26th
Paintings by Marlene Alexander, Bill Baily, Sidonie Caron,
Nard Claar, Sheary Clough-Suiter, Tommer Gonser, Earl Hamilton,
Deb McCarroll, Jean Schwalbe, and Mike Smith.

Paintings shown:

“A Drizzle Of Light” 36″ x 36″ by Earl Hamilton
“The Freedom of Angels” 30″ x 40″ by Mike Smith
“The Vibrant Abstract” 40″ x 40″ by Jean Schwalbe
“Urban Pioneer” 35″ x 27″ by Sidonie Caron
“Chaos in Tibet” 36″ x 32″ by Marlene Moore Alexander

Cedar Lee: See Latest Works At Attic Gallery



February Exhibit
February 4th-February 26th

Cedar Lee
Solo Exhibit

“Golden Memories”
“The Golden Hour”
“Vivid Evening”
“Shine Down”

January Exhibit
January 7th – January 29th

Featuring new paintings by Jean Schwalbe, Michael Ferguson, and Earl Hamilton.

“Crater Lake” by Michael Ferguson
“Tidal Movements” by Earl Hamilton
“Very Happy Flowers” by Jean Schwalbe
“Mr. Fox” by Jean Schwalbe

Earl Hamilton: See Latest Works At Attic Gallery



November Group Exhibit
Featuring New Art for the Holidays
November 5th-November 27th


“Happy Sky” by Cedar Lee
“Rising of the Moon” by Mike Smith
“Magic” by Janey Belozer
“Set to Sparkle II” by Janey Belozer

Earl Hamilton Solo Exhibit
October 1st-October 30th


“Coastal Pulse”
“Gentle Waters”
“Morning Sun”
“Sea Mist”

September Exhibit: Jean Schwalbe Solo Show
September 3rd -September 25th


“Birch Grove”
“On the River Klickitat”
“Brandy Creek”

August Exhibit: “The Three Divas”
Paintings by Sandra Jones Campbell, Carol Grigg, and C.W. Potzz
August 6-August 28th


“Fresh Strawberries and Paprika” by Sandra Jones Campbell
“Always Say Yes” by C.W. Potzz
“A Hitch in the Git Along/Having Lunch with the Horse Whisperer” by Carol Grigg


Artist Sandra Jones Campbell: See Latest Works At Attic Gallery


July Group Summer Exhibit
July 2nd- July 31st
Featuring new paintings and ceramics by various gallery artists.
Anna Norris, Anna Wiancko-Chasman, Cathleen Rehfeld, Deb McCarroll, Earl Hamilton, and Mike Smith


“The Puffin” acrlylic on canvas 12″ x 24″ by Anna Norris
“After the Harvest” acrylic and oxidized brass leaf, 24″ x 36″ by Deb McCarroll
“Hilo-the Small Islands” oil on linen, 30″ x 40″ by Mike Smith
“Summer Reflections” oil on board, 24″ x 60″ by Cathleen Rehfeld


June Exhibit: Janey Belozer and Tommer Gonser
June 4th- June 26th
Our June Exhibit is a two person show with new paintings by Janey Belozer and Tommer Gonser.


“Indigo” by Janey Belozer
“Red Mare Sassy” by Janey Belozer
“Lemons #8” by Tommer Gonser
“Sunset Mirage” by Tommer Gonser


May Exhibit: David Allen Dunlop and Michael Ferguson
May 7th- May 29th
Featured for the month of May is a two person show with new paintings by David Allen Dunlop and Michael Ferguson.


“5 O’clock Moon” by Michael Ferguson
“Bear Lake ” by Michael Ferguson
“Intimate Nature” by David Allen Dunlop”
“City Lights, Wet Streets” by David Allen Dunlop


April Exhibit: The Hamiltons Part II
Featuring new paintings by Earl Hamilton and additional works from the estate of
Satsuko and George Hamilton


“Abstract Floral” by Satsuko Hamilton
“Rhapsody in Blue” by George Hamilton
“Interaction” by Earl Hamilton
“Nightfall” by Earl Hamilton


March Exhibit: The Hamiltons
Featuring paintings by Satsuko, George, and Earl Hamilton


March 5th-March 27th
“Two Musicians” by George Hamilton
“Forest Opening” by Earl Hamilton
“Flower Field” by Satsuko Hamilton


February Exhibit: Marcia Jeglum
February 5th-February 27th


Featured in our exhibit room will be hand cut Tyvek paper cuts by Marcia Jeglum.
Marcia’s attention to detail is amazing in these unique, intriguing pieces.


Group Holiday Exhibit
December 4th- January 31st


On display through January will be a variety of gallery artists. Featuring work by Terri Axness, Bill Baily, Anna WIancko-Chasman, Janey Belozer, Jean Schwalbe, Michael Ferguson, Cedar Lee, Sheary Clough Suiter, Marlene Alexander, and Mike Smith.


November Exhibit : Arne Westerman
November 6th-November28th


Featured artist for the month of November is Arne Westerman. This is a retrospective show in remembrance of Arne who passed away April17,2017. His children are offering his paintings at a 50% reduction for the month of November, through the 30th. Come view Arne’s work in our monthly rotating exhibition space if you are able. All of Arne’s paintings are on our website as well.


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