Sidonie Caron

Born in Germany just a year before Hitler came into power, Sidonie Caron’s German-Jewish family was able to escape to Holland, which all too quickly became as unsafe as the homeland from which they’d run. The family was again assisted in emigrating, this time to a war-torn, but free, England.Sidonie Caron arrived in the Pacific Northwest from her native England in 1965. She had received her art training at St. Martins School of Art and Central School of Arts & Crafts, both in London. There she developed the impressionist style which characterizes many of her works. In the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, she has found an almost unlimited variety of subject matter in which to express her love of the region. Sidonie is represented in galleries in Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco, and her works have found homes in numerous public and private collections across the United States. In addition, she has several paintings in the collections of the “Percent for Public Art” programs of Oregon and Washington. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Beloved and embraced by the area art community, Caron’s work, from her sweeping range of subject matter creates abstract, landscape, and figurative paintings. She notes “I am an eclectic painter. I respond to life’s influences, my travels, and my environment by making work that reflects all this.”

Sidonie was the Attic Gallery’s first featured artist in April, 1973.

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