Sharon Engel

Sharon Engel, a native Oregonian, travels extensively in Europe as she is inspired by the French and Italian villages and countrysides. Monet’s garden is one of her favorite haunts as she has been privileged to paint there on site with a small group of artists unemcumbered by tourists. An impressionist artist, Sharon’s paintings usually are filled with flowers in many different settings, occasionally including figures, gazeboes, cottages and seasides. She loves to paint on site in the morning light. Her two gardens at the coast boast many varieties of flowers planted as Monet’s garden to catch the sun at the right time for each flower. “When the sun shines, you have blues and yellows that are so clean and vibrant.” Sharon studied with Russian Impressionist, Sergei Bongart and Del Gish, Ron Lukes, and Don Ricks. Now she is sought after as an instructor herself, but her many fans would rather she spend her time creating her own canvases. Sharon sometimes paints watercolors as studies for her major oil paintings.

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