Nancy Coffelt

Portland native Nancy Coffelt is a self-taught artist with work uniquely her own. She paints primarily in oil pastel on black paper, creating whimsical images mostly of animals in very human situations. She attended the Portland Oregon Art Museum Art School in 1979 and 1980, the Oregon School Of Arts And Crafts where she studied colored pencil in 1981 and 1982, and the Pacific North West College Of Art, Portland, Oregon where she studied printmaking, illustration and life drawing in 1994 and 1995. Fortunately, these brief classes did not stifel her imaginative and spontaneous creative powers.

Nancy has written and illustrated six childrens’ books to date. When she discovered that she was going to be a mother, she started writing stories for her baby. She wrote eleven stories all at once, not even considering how they would get published. By making the stories interesting and funny for adults as well as young people, she hoped that other parents would want to read the stories to their children. After sending the manuscript to a publisher, she was refered to an editor who wanted to publish her stories.

Nancy has teamed up with Flying Rhinoceros, an educational entertainment company in Portland, Oregon whose mission is to give hope and encouragement to the children of the world with characters from her book “Dogs In Space” for national educational outreach of NASA programs such as the International Space Station.

Nancy recently participated in the Portland, Oregon “Kows For Kids” charitable event in which 108 artists painted life-size fiberglass cows to be auctioned with the proceeds going to three childrens’ agencies. Nancy’s “kow” was titled “All Beef Dogs”.

Nancy will happily paint commissions. Contact gallery to have her paint something just for you!

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