Mike Smith

Mike Smith began his artistic career as an abstract painter, but for a number of reasons he began to abandon “schools” of thinking and painting, and his subject matter became the objects of his life, family, and the neighbors and town that he lives in. In this portrayal of his small section of the world, Mike’s artworks have captured hearts around the globe, finding their way into collections in almost every country. A few of Mike’s collectors include Jeffrey Katzenberg, Ed Asner, and directors Richard Donner and Richard Carpenter, David and Marcia De Patie, and Mrs. Mark Hatfield.

Mike Smith was born in l942 in Portland, Oregon and spent his childhood growing up in Vancouver, Washington and the Puget Sound area. He graduated from the University of Portland with a degree in English Literature. Although he began drawing and sculpting at the age of two, after an interlude of baseball, he became a serious full time artist only after he reached twenty- five.

Over the years, Mike has had more than 75 one-man shows. One of the most interesting was an exhibit in Leipzig, Germany along with a show in the American Consulate.

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