Mike Dean Orias

Mike, the father of identical twin sons born August 29,2000, also has a son named Tony and a daughter named Maria. He lives in a small Oregon town where he creates wild, imaginative, fun, whimsical metal sculptures made of welded steel, wire, and portions of salvaged and recycled metal. His work shop/studio/barn is an exciting place full of “high decibels” with the radio cranked to the right when he is welding, hammering, pounding or grinding in the various phrases it takes to create just one piece.

In the 1980’s, after college, Mike worked at a construction job during the day and took welding classes at night. After certification as a welder, the ordinary construction life was not enough to move his spirits and although it was a struggle, Mike then embarked on a career as a metal artist.

Now, over twenty years later, Mike’s unique work is sought after for yard and home by people from all walks of life and is featured in over twelve galleries scattered throughout Oregon. Mike’s work, ever evolving, is known for its originality, affordability, and humorous flair. Galleries from San Francisco to New York are carrying his innovative sculptures as well as markets in Europe and South America.

Mike is well known for four foot high musicians playing almost any type of instrument, his beautifully detailed flowers, alligators, turtles and other critters perfect for any outdoor or indoor landscape. His “Little Ones” are priced just right for gift giving.

Commissions are readily available in many sizes and designs. His alligators, for example, have been created in many sizes with or without the spikes along the alligator’s back. If one could imagine a critter, a musician, a piano, a life size chess set, a ten foot fisherman with a catch on the end of a pole, or a boy with a dog and a balloon, then Mike could create one in any size. We have a skilled shipper who can ship any of Mike’s creations to any location. If you see a sold sculpture that you would like, please contact us and we can commission Mike to do another one that will be very similar to the one you request. Colors may also be commissioned.

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