Michael Ferguson

Michael was born in Seattle, Washington in 1958. After graduating from the
Burnley School of Professional Art in 1979, he was employed by Battell
Laboratories as an illustrator. Later, the Boeing company used this skill as well as his cartooning abilities. A desire to paint full-time professionally, prevailed in 1988. Galleries as far as Naples, Florida have represented Michael’s work with collectors scattered worldwide. Now his paintings, collages and linocuts can be found in a few select galleries in Washington state as well as being included in various national exhibitions.
As a northwest native, It’s no surprise that I am influenced constantly by our rich and varied landscape. For centuries artists have painted the world around them. I’m compelled to follow this tradition as well. Using various media both in the home studio and the field, I bring to life thoughtful and vibrant interpretations of the landscape.
My painting approach is basically representational with some generous flexibility at times. A fractured multi-colorist approach can turn in to a more controlled realism as needed. Subject often influences style and brushwork. For landscape work, the field painting has been a critical direct contact to the subject that illuminates later, more introspective studio work as well as being a good thing in general to get me out of the house.
The linocuts were created during a five year stretch and satisfy my desire for a clean, graphic interpretation.
As of 2001, life changes have spurred me into new directions. Although still painting the landscape, I’ve begun a narrative journey illuminating everyday scenes in a free, dreamier painting approach. Telling a human story, however common and simple is what is drawing me into this new direction.

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