Lilli Faville

Born December 11, 1966, in Portland, Oregon, Lilli lives with her husband, Dave Faville, their two sons, Eli and Max and their black Labrador dog named Ruby. Lilli always loved to do art projects as a child. Her first experience with clay was at the Children’s Museum when she was seven years old. Throughout the years, she has always found a need to work with clay taking ceramics classes at Lincoln High School, the University of Oregon, the Multnomah Art Center, and Portland Community College.

Lilli’s husband, Dave, an artist as well, who creates primitive whimsical mixed media dogs and cats on paper and canvas is an inspiration for Lilli and a major influence in her dog and cat images. Ruby has also opened up a whole new world for Lilli who was ironically afraid of dogs as a child. Dogs of all shapes and sizes with their unique personalities now delight her. Her own cat creations have been known to make big dogs quiver and small children bark and meow, pat and feel. Wonderfully sturdy, these spirited creatures can handle being touched and are happy in the home or out in the garden. “I try to make my animals edgy, but they still come out cute.”

Lilli has her own kiln and private studio where she can meditate, play with her clay creating her sculptures and lose herself in the learning process. She says the pieces seem to have a spirit of their own coming to life with different personalities. Lilli’s sculptures are very joyful, reflecting her joy in their very creation.

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