Leslie McMillan

Leslie McMillan, retired from the corporate world, lives locally and attends many events at the gallery. Oftentimes demonstrated her Japanese Silver Leaf techniques from Kanazawa, Japan.
“The process of transforming silver, copper, and brass into wearable art is compelling. Manipulating and hammering metal grounds me. My pieces have a subtle simplicity influenced by the shapes, colors and the textures of nature.
Recently I trained with Master Momoko Okada in the ancient art of Japanese silver leaf. Production of gold and silver leaf dates back to the 15th century. Today 99% of gold and silver leaf is produced in Kanazawa, using traditional methods of pounding a small amount of metal into whisper-thin sheets. The leaf is so thin that even a tiny amount of static electricity can cause it to tear. Along with silver leaf, I used traditional silversmithing techniques such as; soldering, forging and casting in fabricating my work.
If I can capture someone’s attention long enough to let them consider the esthetics and craftsmanship involved in a piece, I consider it a success. If they are moved to acquire the piece to have as their own, I consider it a joy.”

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