Jennifer Joyce

Jennifer Joyce

I grew up on Long Island about 25 miles from New York City.My high school had an excellent Art Department and we took regular trips to the city to visit museums and galleries.Consequently I was exposed to a wonderful array of art, both traditional and avant-garde.

I attended Hofstra University majoring in Art Education, and continued to visit Manhattan to check out the new shows. I studied painting with artist, Pearl Fine and drawing with Ralston Crawford. After graduation I took a detour from art, teaching English for two years with the Peace Corps in Ethiopia.

Upon returning to the States I studied painting with Mitsuo Kakutani at Earlham College in Indiana and began showing paintings at the Harper Gallery in Chicago.

I moved to Portland in 1969 and have been painting steadily since then. For about 15 years I was an Artist in the Schools, creating murals with children in many Oregon locations.

In 1993 I had the opportunity to paint doors for the new Mcmenamins Hotel at Edgefield. This developed into a full time occupation during which I worked on illustrative and surrealistic images drawn from history, murals, decorative wall paintings and graphics. Working at Mcmenamins gave me the opportunity to create constantly with a group of very talented people for roughly 25 years.

I maintain a studio for my personal work which is primarily in oils.I show at the Portland Art Museum’s Rental Sales Gallery and The Attic Gallery in Camas.

For my personal work, I prefer oils on canvas, and am totally absorbed in a series of paintings that are playful, colorful, and. suggestive of imagery, They are not designed beforehand, but evolve as the painting develops. The actual subject of the painting often reveals itself as I complete it. My primary drive is to create a beautiful, satisfying, and lasting work of art.

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