Janey Belozer

Janey graduated from the University of Oregon with a BS Degree in Fine Art and Education. She began teaching while still creating her own artwork as she states that she is always doing art and has for most of her life.

Although Janey’s subject matter now is horses, she has painted landscapes, portraits and florals. Her earlier work was based on realism and correct color theory while now it is moving toward impressionism. Her focus is on light, balance and movement as she wants to capture the emotion of her subjects. She seeks to paint movement.

Janey’s work has been featured at the Lawrence and Ryan Galleries since 2001. She has painted the equine image since 1998 upon the purchase of her first horse named Amazing Grace. Her medium is oil on stretched canvas. Janey began emphasizing movement in her art work when she started riding. “Riding is about power and movement,” she says. “It also incorporates many of the things I bring to my work, such as balance, suppleness, and intent. In both areas of my life I need discipline, yet to be relaxed, forward, and confident. I use this confidence to paint with.”

“I want the viewer to feel the oneness of the horse and rider relationship and to feel balanced with the spirit of the horse.” She needs to meet the horses that she paints, take photos, sketches and additional photos and more finishing sketches and more meetings until she is satisfied with the results.

Janey is pictured here with two of her favorite horses that she likes to paint and she is showing them a canvas that she painted using them as her models.

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