Ilse Coffman

Ilse is a self-taught artist residing in Portland Oregon with her family and a curious yellow lab. The daughter of artist parents she grew up immersed in the arts in the 60’s and 70’s in Northern California. A creative entrepreneur, former children’s art studio owner and designer, Ilse is now focused on a personal art practice. Working in drawing, painting and collage, her aesthetic is simple and raw, with flat images inked on wet paper or embossed, cut and collaged on wood. Tribal pattern, both inspired and imagined often fill a painting while the subjects of still life and figures in repose seem to invite you into their story. Inspiration comes from life, reflecting a time of “holding on” to home, to children who have grown, to the quietness of change, to the grieving and celebrating of aging and what this means. The fruit that represents the womb and the tables laden with food waiting for family to return. A time of reflection, both looking back as well as being present and still, in contemplation of a beautiful life well lived.

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