Dave Faville

Dave Faville, born July l6, l965 in Portland, Oregon, grew up with an art gallery in the attic of his home. After studying abstract painting and art history at the University of Oregon, he got his graduate degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Seattle. Working as a graphic designer, Dave had his images published on T-shirts, greeting cards, posters, silk neckties, switchplates, boxes, and jigsaw puzzels. He now works as a cad-cam computer designer for Graphics Arts in Portland, Oregon.

Now, the Attic Gallery has published a series of 34 of Dave’s images as hand editioned serigraphs on Rives Arches l00% rag paper made in France. Dave continues to live in Portland with his wife, Lilli who is a ceramist and their two sons. In Dave’s words, “Life is an exciting visceral experience. There is energy, a buzz. These cats and dogs reflect that energy, they are mirrors of what we humans do. The medium is a secret mixture of gouache, colored pencil, illustration board and xeacto knife. The technique allows the artist to not only paint and draw, but to “carve” out images that have a raw and fresh feel.” Dave’s original works as well as his serigraphs can be found at the Attic Gallery.

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