C.W. Pottz

Bold, vibrant and spontaneous, the paintings of CW Potzz will bring extraordinary life and wit into any space.

Born in Bozeman, Montana, from the onset Potzz was a combination of diverse cultures – the child of a Norwegian mother and a Native American father. Raised and educated in Guam, Potzz obtained a BA in Nursing from the University of Guam, and practiced Public Health and Emergency Nursing. Eventually craving artistic expression, she earned her BA in Arts with Honors at Marylhurst College in Portland, Oregon.

A prolific painter, Potzz has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, South America, New Zealand and Australia, often staying for a period of time to live and painting, absorbing the fragrance and influences of a myriad of exotic experiences She lived in Yelapa Mexico for several years, and her work from that period reflects the heat and passion of the Mexican culture and way of life.

Pottz describes her work as expressionist, insightful and constantly evolving. She enjoys every aspect of painting – the visualization, the physical activity of painting , and the texture and life of the paint itself. She feels each piece she completes contains a tiny piece of herself – sometimes an unexpected, unrealized perspective. Her pieces range from figurative and abstract to narrative fantasy – rich in color, depth and personality.

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