Cedar Lee

Cedar studied art at Goucher College in Baltimore, MD, graduating in 2005 with highest honors, and began her professional career in Baltimore before relocating to Southern California in 2011, then to Portland, Oregon in 2015. She sold her first painting at age 12 and now has work in private collections throughout the world. Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in galleries, arts centers, and alternative venues since 2005.

“I am inadvertently drawn to play with scale, both visually and in my choice of subject matter. Many of my paintings are of large things, sometimes unfathomably large, highlighting the smallness of the viewer. With my choice of exaggerated angles, my trees zoom dramatically into the sky higher than the eye can see. I also play with the scale of time. Ancient redwood trees are rooted in the past and will outlive us all, but even so they are impermanent as any other life on Earth. I am attracted to Tree of Life imagery, and images of the cosmos, because these are all-encompassing, a glimpse into the universe. I want to capture the experience of being simultaneously present both in our distinct, tangible bodies –grounded–and in our mysterious, limitless minds –flying.”

Cedar has a large and growing Internet following. She has worked on murals in the Portland, Oregon area and is the illustrator of the children’s book “A Search For the Northern Lights.”

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