Bev Jozwiak

The style Bev Jozwiak is currently working in seems to be the direct result of her own personal journey. Art has been in her life for as long as she can remember. She is the first formally trained artist in her family, but by no means the first artist. Her great aunts, grandmother, aunt and father all painted before her. She graduated with honor from Western Washington University, with a Fine Arts degree and an Art History minor.

Whether painting in Acrylic or watercolor the goal is the same; to create an impressionistic painting with rich varied color, good design, great values, and to create a piece that will last by using archival materials. She never wants the viewer to think her paintings look like photographs, but rather to see the brushwork, and the love and energy that goes into each and every piece.

Jozwiak’s skill as a painter has garnered her national acclaim as one of America’s premier painters. The result of hard work and years of painting has not gone unrewarded. Bev has had a plethora of successful one woman shows for prestigious galleries. She has lost count of how many articles in major art magazines she has had. She is the author of two 164 page books, “Painting Life with Life, and” Confident Brushstrokes”, and has her signature status in every major watercolor society, including the American Watercolor Society in New York. Bev believes in keeping original art affordable and accessible to everyone. She does not foresee a time when she would ever quit painting, or become complacent with what she does. She hopes to always study, grow, and continue on this personal artistic journey.

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