Angela Ridgway

Angela, originally from Virginia, became interested in metal work after getting a glimpse of welding in a college course. After college, a corporate job in California and traveling abroad, she enrolled in classes at the community college to learn both welding and metal art techniques.

Soon after she started creating, Angela was invited by a Sacramento gallery to show in an exhibit titled, “For the Love of Trees.” Inspired by the Valley Oaks in the Sacramento region, her first body of work used welds to create the textures of the majestic trees. Since then, she has broadened her technique to include other plants, flowers, abstract images and textured sculptures. She uses repurposed steel and offsets the look of rusted steel with shiny welds and iridescent paints. Since moving to Washougal in Southwest Washington state, Angela has begun to include Pacific Northwest themes into her repertoire of welded trees.

Angela gets inspiration from observations while traveling as well as the metal itself. Rust, garden bells, water patterns and even soap bubbles have inspired many of her abstract works.

Creating custom art work is also enjoyed by Angela. “I love working closely with clients, creating a unique work of art for a showcase location in their home. I get to know the people that my art will live with and the place it will call home. It is a special treat for me when I get to do that!”

Her work is in many private residences throughout the U.S. and has been shown at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg, California. Most recently, her work was purchased for puplic display in the greater Portland, Oregon area. She is available for commissioned works for private and public collectors.

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