Tyler Marchus

Tyler Marchus was born in 1977 and has been a lifelong Portland, Oregon resident, living presently in Beaverton with his wife, Sara. As a self taught artist, he started his career working with local companies doing illustrations and storyboards. Some of the local companies Tyler has worked with include Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Argyle Winery, Oregon Lottery, and Intel. Painting has always been part of Tyler’s life beginning with his loving to draw as a child, but in 2006 he rediscovered his real passion for the craft and began painting his first major collection which he exhibited at the Attic Gallery in 2008.

Tyler’s medium of choice is the wax based technique of Encaustic. This little-known method of painting which was originated by the Greeks gets its name from the word “enkaustikos” meaning “to heat” or “to burn”. The medium is comprised of melted wax mixed with pigment. This method gives the painting a unique look along with rich textures.

Tyler’s work has been featured in the Portland Monthly. His signature piece “Venus” an 84″ x 62″ encaustic painting on canvas is currently on display in the lobby (which can be seen from SW Clay Street) of the Hotel Modera, SW 5th and SW Clay, in Downton Portland, Oregon.

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