Tamara Adams

Tamara Adams, a self-taught artist, inherited her talent from her grandfather. Some of her earliest memories are of visiting her grandfather’s studio where he painted and taught art classes in oils. Under his guidence, Tamara began experimenting at an early age and was encouraged to “just keep at it”. Her grandfather struggled all his life to support his family even though he was well known, he “just kept at it”, doing what he loved and never losing heart or his sense of humor.

A Native Oregonian, Tamara paints primarily acrylic on canvas. Continuously evolving, she relies heavily on her imagination, without models or reference books and few outside influences. Tamara began painting exotic themes long before she had been exposed to great artists such as Gauguin and Rivera. Painting has always been her way to escape the ordinary aspects of her life, doing what she loves and believing in the power of art to comfort and enrich the soul.

Tamara’s portrayals of women are warm, whimsical, and reflective. The exotic imagery and deep resonance of color capture the eye and the imagination. In Tamara’s words, “It doesn’t seem satisfying to say that I paint what I see, and yet it is what I see, wherever I go, whoever I am with, along with the things that surround me inspiring me to paint”

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