Paul Griffitts

Paul Griffitts does all his work with a free fractal rendering program called Mandelbulb 3D (MB3D). Especially with Labyrinth, he implements various parameters for specific effects.

“I like the effects that can be created through various coloring options and the application of different maps-height maps, color maps, light maps,” says Paul, “Labyrinth makes use of all those options, which is how the metalic effect is achieved.”

When it comes to his creative process , Griffitts says he is still an explorer at heart. His process is one of playful experimentation. He rarely has any idea anout what he’ll discouver or what will emerge. As a result, certain unusual elements often materialize, leading Grifffitts to highlight those elements or bring them to the fore.

“I tend to avoid formulas that generate hardedge ‘architectural’ forms and focus most often on the formulas that yield sinuous ‘organic-looking’ fractals.” he explains. “When I work with fractals, that’s about as close as I get to having a finished image in mind.”

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