Marcia Jeglum

Marcia Jeglum, a dynamic artist adept at painting in both oil and watercolor, has been showing her artwork in the Pacific Northwest since she moved to the region thirty-five years ago. She often embellishes her paintings with mixed media to add texture, depth and visual interest. Ms. Jeglum also paints wood columns recycled from older homes, transforming them into yard art or home decoration. And lastly she cuts paper Tyvek into intricate imaginary scenes reminiscent of Mexican papercut techniques Probably the two words best describe Ms. Jeglum’s work are whimsical and ethnic, drawing color and humor from her surroundings. Some of her work expresses facets of life from around the world, and some of it is pure imagination. Her paintings, columns and papercuts portray and reflect her idiosyncratic view of life – human and non-human. Marcia Jeglum resides in West Linn, Oregon with her husband, John, their pet dog Walter and a hive of bees, who are mostly unnamed.

Commissions available, call gallery for details.

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