Kathy Beckman

Kathy Beckman currently resides in Washougal, Washington and is fron rural Eastern Oregon where she grew up learning the value of hard work on her family’s dairy farm. Kathy remembers being drawn to artistic endeavors from early on in her life, but channeled her creative energy into learning to play several musical instruments, sewing, and other simple crafts.

After graduating from college and pursuing a teaching career, Kathy filled much of her spare time dabbling in small creative projects and raising her family. In 2008, she decided to follow her heart’s dream of painting and picked up a paintbrush for the first time. Her journey as a self-taught artist has been slow but filled with joy. Using acrylic paint to create colorful, whimsical flowers, animals, and other elements from nature she considers to be her self-therapy. Her “after-teaching” hours are filled with intuitive exploration using not only acrylics, bit ink and pastels on canvas.

Kathy feels having artwork in her own home that brings her on-going joy or touches her in some way has brought great satisfaction to her life, and having others experience the same feeling from her artwork in their home is very satisfying.

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