Josh Daily

“I am at the mercy of my material…”

Voted by the readers of Willamette Week as 2022 Best Visual Artist in Portland (2nd place), Josh Daily is a metal and found material sculpture artist. He repurposes steel from upcycled cutlery, ordinary household items, discarded equipment parts. The art he creates is made from 90% recycled and repurposed materials. The materials he uses will take decades to biodegrade – if at all. By repurposing discarded materials, and removing them from the waste stream, he creates art inspired by the beauty of items found in everyday life.

With a background in mig welding, Josh uses his skills to fabricate and create recycled and repurposed sculpture. This involves cutting, forming, heating, and welding materials. Art is formed based on the materials available at the time. It is through trial and error and experimentation that he creates movement, expression, and personality in his pieces.

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