David Carmack Lewis

David Carmack Lewis has lived and painted in Portland, Oregon since 2001. Originally from Virginia, he earned his BFA at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and also studied in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

David’s richly colored oils on canvas have evolved from thought provoking figure studies in symbolically rich scenarios to evocative nocturnal landscapes. He says, “at night colors either vanish into darkness or are transformed by the light source illuminating them. My recent work explores the variety and contrasts of different light sources and their interplay with darkness, while I continue to pursue my interest in narrative image making.”

His paintings are in numerous private collections across the country and have been exhibited in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Michigan, New Mexico and South Africa.

For David’s 2012 exhibit, he featured new work created at Playa Summer Lake Residency Program in Eastern Oregon. By exploring the limited spectrums of various light sources and how they compete with the darkness, he reveals a dramatic tableau of narrative potential, encouraging the viewer to engage with the work.

David will be displaying his latest work with us in the near future, so stay tuned!

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