Carol Grigg

Carol Grigg’s poetry, music, writing, philosophy, sculpting, potting, and painting reflect the essence of her very special being. She is a whole person, consistent, confident and truly devoted to her beliefs. She believes in the land and preserving the environment we have left, the animals and preserving what species we have left, the unity of nature and the simplicity of the relationship between man, earth and beast. Carol’s Oregon childhood inspired her strong feelings for the environment and her coming of age in the 60’s gave her courage to become involved, contribute and use her talents and means to make a difference.

Contributing her talent to many causes over the years, Carol has championed the Native American, refering to “The Lost Tribes” as the only truly aboriginal inhabitants of North America and recognizing their kinship with the land. She has drawn on the art of early Eastern cultures, of primitive cultures and prehistoric man when art reflected a more profound relationship between man, earth and beast. The cave paintings of animals such as those found in Lascaux, France have been an influence as well as the animals especially horses that she has owned and nurtured. “Artists paint for many reasons. Mine is to teach. When I do an idea over and over, such as the horse and rider, it is a way of carrying that message to more people. I like the purity of feeling that a simple, uncluttered image generates and the emotions that work on people in mysterious, subtle ways.”

Self taught, although her parents gave her much encouragement and the freedom to create and follow the example of her mother also an artist, Carol may have inherited her distinctive technique through ages past. Ageless in itself, her work is a culmination of artistic genius, innate talent, and the warmth created by her beliefs that flow naturally into her work. Carol keeps her painting techniques secret, “I discovered my own methods because I was uneducated and unindoctrinated and so I experimented. Anyone can do it. You have to get down on the floor with all kinds of material, throw them, mix them in every configuration until you understand what you’ve got and what you like.”

Carol is world renown. Her images in the form of posters, limited editions, giclees, and of course originals have gained international recognition. Her first book for children, “The Singing Snowbear” was written and illustrated by Carol. In it she explores the power of music to transform ordinary experiences in the lives of a polar bear and a beluga whale. The illustrations are created in ethereal watercolor washes and yet are so powerful that the viewer is quite impressed with the strength and magnificence of her images. It is a fabulous book for grownups as well as children.

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