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I have a couple unstretched oil painting replicas with letters of authenticity that I would like to sell. So my question, obviously, is does your gallery do any private party buying and would you be interested in looking at what I have? I got them from an auctioned off storage unit recently. One is "The little Prince" by Michael Chausovski and the other is "Home Drive" by Jeffrey terrenson. If your gallery is not interested in them, maybe I could get referred to someone that would be. Thank You for your time and consideration in this matter. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Richard

There is an auction house: “O’Gallerie”, 228 NE 7th Ave.,Portland,OR 97232, 503-238-0202 that might accept your works in their auction.

I have a Wax painting i would like to sell. can anyone sell their paintings in youre shop or do you have to be some sort of member? How much do you charge to keep a painting in your store? the paint is 36 X 48 if that makes any difference. appreciate your help. thanks

We work with the artists directly and they bring their work to us to display and hopefully sell for them.

Hi. What is your submission process. Thank you. Vicki Stone

Please send a non returnable CD with a written copy of your resume.

How do I find a painting by the artist Arne Westerman, named "the secret"

If we have the painting by Arne Westerman it will be on his page on our website. We are having a show of his new work in October. I will ask him about “The Secret” and let you know if we can find it.

Are you accepting submissions for new artists? If so what is the process?

Sorry, not at this time. Please try next year.

What do i do to see if my work can be displayed here at your gallery

We are not looking for new artists at this time. Please send us an email next year.

I have an original George Hamilton 019632 Lady with Green Acrylic Do you sell his paintings online? Connie Chalmers

Yes, we sell George Hamilton’s work on line. You can view what we have on his page on our website. www.atticgallery.com

Framed watercolour print called Toucan Dream by Carol Crigg. Is this considered an antique? What year was it painted? How many prints are there? Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Also, what is this beautiful print worth that is signed and framed by Carol Crigg? Such a talented, beautiful artist. Thank you

We are not familiar with that print. You could try a licensed appraiser.

I have a teapot here wondering what it is worth? I could send a picture. Send an email address

We do not set the prices, but work individually with our artists who set their own prices. Did you buy your teapot from this gallery?

Do you ship? And,if so,what would be the S/H charges to Spokane Wa.for a Mike Smith original watercolor?

Yes, we ship and have a shipper (Freighters and Chreithers who packs, ships and insures; so if you are interested, please call us at 503-228-7830 or email your information to [email protected] and we can get a shipping price for you. Thanks, Diana 503-228-7830

I love this Attic Gallery

Thank you, Brianna, and I love you! Grandma

What are gallery hours? I can't find that needed info. on your website!

We are open Monday through Saturday 10 to 5:30 pm. If you need another question or if you want us to stay later our phone is 503-228-7830 Thanks for your message. Diana

Do you show out of state artists, and, if so, what are your submission requirements? I have a cousin in Lake Oswego, she suggested I research galleries in Portland. Malcolm Tuffnell Santa Barbara, CA

We like a non returnable CD of recent work and an artist resume.

What are the steps an artist has to take in order to be represented in your art gallery?

We are a little crowded right now, but you are welcome to send us images of your work and a resume for the future.

Are yall hiring?

Sorry, but we are not hiring at this time.

I recently bought a Carol Grigg watercolor at a local antique shop in Lafayette, LA and put it in my gallery. I LOVE IT. She does wonderful work! If you see her, tell her she has a fan in Louisiana land:) Now, my question ... I am not sure when this work was done. it is framed and the paper has design tears around it. Is this a print or an original? If so, I am looking for a print of it but could not find one (my mother fell in love with it). It has a full-figure Native American woman walking left and a wonderful horse following. it is signed in gold. hope you can help.

It sounds like a poster that Gango Gallery printed in the 80’s and is now out of print. If we find one we will let you know.

I have what appears to be a painting on cloth. called "slicker" signature is J Fentner. I'm wondering if this is the same artist.

Jerry Fenter does not have an “n” in her name after “t”; so I doubt if she is the artist and I don’t recall her painting on cloth. Sorry.

I came across a Carol Grigg painting, On the white road or Out of the white road. It is signed in gray water color at the bottom right hand side and I was looking for ANY information on the piece. The edges look torn/worn and the parchment looks very heavy but it is framed in a very good frame and we don't want to risk taking it out for a closer look. Could it be the original and any other info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Your best bet would be to take it to a framer who could help you discern if it is a print or an original.

I have a print by Sandra Jones Campbell of three women called "Spring Hats". I don't know if it's a serigraph or giclee or lithograph or.... It says AP and also the title and signature. My question is: what kind of process was used for this? And are there other Spring Hats prints available? I am thinking it might be nice to have matching prints for three sisters.

That print is a giclee which is a computer generated print using an iris printer. It is like a serigraph except that all the colors are applied at once. There is a companion piece by Sandra Jones Campbell called “Fall Hats”. What size is your print?

I have an original Carol Grigg water color "Primal Skin" 1992 -torn paper 14 1/2" x 20.1/2"- that I purchased at the Joan Cawley Gallery in Santa Fe. It is tastefully framed-float mount and has been in kept in low light conditions for the 20 years I have owned it. I am downsizing my home and would like to know if you believe there is any interest in purchasing the piece. I will provide photos on request.

We cannot purchase the painting. Why don’t you try the Joan Cawley Gallery to see if they are in a position to purchase your painting.

Hi, you stated you are not accepting new artists at the moment, but can I send a non returnable CD with a written copy of my resume. Also If you like the artwork you see, would you reconsider accepting a new artist?


I bought a beautiful 60x36 picture by Carol Grigg at a market this weekend.The name on the back reads She Who Walks With Horses. Publised and Distibuted by Gango Editions. Can't find any info anywhere.When did she paint this,and any other info would be appreciated

Gango Editions published a series of posters of Carol Grigg’s images one of which was “She Who Walks With Horses”. You can probably get some more information if you google: Carol Grigg posters.

I have a Carol Grigg 2 part horse watercolor or print. It has her name, the gallery name, and the city on the bottom of the prints - does her original watercolor have these or just her prints?

Hi Renee, Carol Grigg’s originals have her signed name and not the gallery or city; so it must be a print or poster.

Hi there - I have a framed Thomas Arvid painting - Eight Empties. Can you help me sell it - or point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Try a gallery that represents the artist.

Hello i wanted to know if you are accepting new art and if so what is the process to submit art. I paint acrylic on wood

Sorry, not right now.

I have what appears to be an original painting by carol grigg and was wondering if u could offer any advice on how to tell if it is or not. The painting is a 2 piece set titled "painted ponies" and signed "carol grigg" there is no other markings or any information like galleries, dates, or cities. The paper is thick, torn at the edges and looks original...not poster form. It is framed and I'm hoping to get more information on it and maybe its general worth if in fact it is an original and how to sell.

There were many posters printed of Carol’s work.

I have an original Carol Grigg watercolor, Riding Far Boy, 1988. Is this a painting that you would take on consignment in your gallery? It is in what I believe to be mint condition. If there is interest I could bring it to the gallery to have it checked out. Thank You.

Carol had a lot of posters made of her paintings.

Hello! We purchased an original Carol Grigg watercolor "Primal Skin 1993" in 1996 and are looking to sell it. It is framed (was done by Gango Gallery at the time.) Any idea as to the value now? Thanks for your time.

What was the original cost?

Hi! I live up in the country in Harrison, Maine! I found this Painting at a yard sale for $15.00! It is a Carol Grigg painting.I do not know it's name or anything at all about it. It is of two Indian Women on Ponies wrapped up in blankets. It is signed on the bottom in grey water saying "Carol Grigg, Gango Gallery, Portland Oregon." Is a print or poster worth anything? Is this original? Is this worth selling to a gallery? Thank You Melinda Stanton

It is a poster.

My late mother left me a few oil paintings by a late calif artist signed lola ades. Do you know of her and is there a market for the paintings? Thanks

Sorry, I do not know of that artists.

Do you know if prints of Ellen Dittebrandt's work are available, and if so do you sell them or know who does? Thanks.

No. but we have a few originals.

I have a signed Heron watercolor titled " Self Portrait" Any info you may have on it would be very much appreciated. My research has turned up nothing. Thank you

Sorry. We do not know.

Is Pat San Soucie still exhibiting at Attic Gallery? If so, can you give me a current mailing address for her? (She is no longer at Timber Valley Road) If not, could I use your address to get a holiday greeting to her?

We have two of her paintings featured on her page on our website, but have lost contact with her. If you find her address or phone number, please let us know.

I have 2 carol Griggs coffee mugs. Both are inscribed with: CAROL GRIGG/JOAN CAWLEY LICENSING. I have tried to find more of these mugs but have been unable to find them. Any suggestions?

We would love to find some, also.

I am following up to see if someone had yet to review my earlier inquiry referring to a Pierce Milholland piece of a man on ladder picking apples that I purchased as an afterthought when when buying some woodblock works I had hoped of it fitting in my space but no such luck was curious if you could find a suitable home for it I linked the photos but have been given no further instructions any advice as to how to proceed would be welcome. Hope you had a great weekend.206-465-0204

We listed the painting on our website

I have 3 Perry Acker paintings. One is a oriential #138, one of blue trees with birds #32. The other is "Japanese Tea Garden Arboretum" it is a print. What can I do with these? or who would want them? When I moves a couple months ago I found these, but hate to give them to Goodwill.

Why don’t you try listing them e-bay.

I've had these great watercolors hanging in my dinning room for 5 years 1988 Tree Becoming Cloud 1988 Burning Bush. By Mike Smith. They were left in my storage unit. How much did they sale for, how much are they worth. Thank You.

These are posters and are out of print; so they are more valuable. We sell Mike Smith posters for $i00 unframed, but we will soon be raising the price as we only have a few left that are listed on his page on our website.

Are you looking for new artist?

You are welcome to send us your submission Shirley. [email protected]

Would you ever consider selling digital art?

Our emphasis is on original, one of a kind artwork but we always look at everything that is submitted. [email protected]

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